Emerging Technologies conference (EmTech / MIT)

EmTech is the most important conference worldwide for emerging technologies, the stage where the most innovative ideas converge with the companies with the greatest outreach and the most relevant experts capable of transforming our society and the future economy.
Technology, innovation, business and entrepreneurialism will come together in Toulouse, which hosts this important event organized by MIT Technology Review.
Topics for 2015 will be:
Artificial intelligence, future of education, rediscovering the space, the next robo-lution, smart materials, synthetic biology, internet of things, smart cities.
There will be also transversal topics:
Innovators under 35, investing in Tech companies, top 10 emerging technologies, venture point supported by La French Tech.
Informal partnering and networking sessions are scheduled between the conferences.
Data de Realização do Evento
Data de Realização do Evento 15/12/2015
Local do Evento
Local do Evento Toulouse, França
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