CODIV - Enhanced Wireless Communication Systems Employing Cooperative Diversity

Custo Total
Custo Total 4.833.024 €
Contribuição UE
Contribuição UE 3.352.132 €
Data de Início Projecto
Data de Início Projecto 01/01/2008
Coordenador Científico
Coordenador Científico Atílio Gameiro ( - Instituto de Telecomunicações
Duração 34 meses
Website do Projecto
Website do Projecto
The CODIV project aimed at researching, developing and validating radio technologies by exploiting  channel  diversity  and  cooperation  between users. It targeted three major goals: 
-  enable  the  high  bit  rates  targeted  in  the  broadband  component  of future wireless systems; 
-  improve  the  power  and  spectrum  efficiencies  of  existing  wireless systems;  
-  improving and extend coverage and fairness.  
The  CODIV  project  targeted  the  evolutions  of  cellular  networks  and WMAN’s, and was thus fully aligned in this aspect with the objectives of the  European  Union  to  promote  the integration  of  fixed  and  mobile communications systems.
Resultados do Projecto
Resultados do Projecto
-  System  Concept:  the  main  achievements  were  a  clear  definition  of scenarios  and  system model  to  augment  a  cellular  system  through cooperative relaying; 
-  Algorithmic  development:  several  competitive  algorithms  were developed and evaluated;
-  Proof of concept: encompasses system level evaluation and laboratory prototyping; 
-  Business  analysis:  the  main  achievements  are  the  final  analysis  of  the impact  of  CODIV techniques  on  deployment  and  business  models  of cellular networks; 
-  Dissemination:  the  main  achievements  were  the  continuous dissemination  to  the  scientific community  and  contribution  to standardization bodies.
Telefonica Investigacion y Desarrollo SA - Espanha
Mitsubishi Electric R&D Centre Europe B.V. - Holanda 
Runcom Technologies LTD - Israel 
Jaytech Solutions LDA - Portugal 
Commissariat a L Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives - França 
Csem Centre Suisse D'electronique et de Microtechnique SA - Recherche et Developpement - Suíça 
Universitatea Tehnica Cluj-Napoca - Roménia
Wavecom Soluções Rádio Limitada - Portugal